Monday, 9 July 2018

Gloves galore

When making things on the CSM, I have always numbered the handwarmers and socks. As the gloves from leftovers are made on the Knitmaster, I haven't bothered, but thought I would now start to do so. I trawled through my Delivery Note book and since June 2013 I have sent no fewer than 85 pairs over to the museum! There weren't all sock yarn, some were Shetland with Fair Isle motifs, but even so, that is an average of one and a half pairs per month, which has quite surprised me. July and August 2015 seemed to have a run on them - not a cold summer, so a mystery, but perhaps it was the "group" effect (when one person in a group visit buys something, there is nearly always another one or two who buy the same item...). Despite the current heatwave, I have been labouring away on the machine while I can. Here is the latest batch.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Granny cake and mobcap

As a change from gardening, and as it is 28 degrees is is far too hot anyway, tried out an old Victorian recipe from Ruddington Framework Knitters Museum for Granny cake "crusty exterior, lovely soft centre". Thoughts meandered to the proposed Tea Party end of August and on the spur of the moment found material to make a mobcap. Made Philadelphia Sticky Buns for the 4th July, when I was on shop duty and we put the Stars and Stripes out, just as Hannah Parker did, from 1870 up to 1933 we think. Recipe only differs from Chelsea buns in that my school recipe was raisins, Hannah's used currants - but on this occasion I used sultanas! I am next on shop duty end of July, for which I am planning Brownies. I thought this was a recent American invention but Hannah was born in 1849, married in 1866 over there, and I presume that is when and where she got the recipe. The Internet states the first written use of the word "brownie" is the 1896 Boston Cooking-School Cook Book - must find out if Hannah dated her recipes!

Sunday, 24 June 2018

More garden photos

Peonies and Apothecaries rose (rosa mundi) in my own garden, plus, if it works, a video of the Knitted Garden day at Ruddington Framework Knittters Museum.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Knitting and/or gardening

Knitting takes a bit of a back seat to gardening in the warmer months. Trying out my new camera. The view through the side gate may just show a tad of knitting! The roses are Blue for You (shrub) and Handel (climber).

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

End of May

Went away on hols and stuff still doesn't seem to have grown much while we were away! This week has seen a couple of bouts of torrential rain, so it least it saves watering. Spent a huge amount at two nurseries. On holiday finished log cabin mitts, some crochet Christmas trees for bunting and U-turn socks. They were made with long line up middle back working both sides of provisional cast-n, the turn made the heel. Then front made sides to side joining in, and gusset and foot more conventional. Very enjoyable. Went on to some Japanese cherry blossom socks from heel out, in lace, need to concentrate. Also messes around with Aran weight jacket which will probably take most of summer to do - if summer ever really comes.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

May or may not be Spring

Stuff still isn't growing in the garden after the few days of warmth. The stevia, fenugreek have been nibbled and the tarragon has been eaten completely. The sugarsnap peas have lost their lower leaves as well, don't know if they will survive. even new courgette in greenhouse lost half a leaf day after it sprouted! Can't be slug in there, can it? Gloves made on machine for friend M - she really loves purple! and self-indulgent ones for me with luxury silky and yak yarn, bought as a treat at the Kegworth event, gorgeous Celtic knot pattern on back. Original pattern handknit in the round, I made them flat, handknit to finish of thumb shaping then bunged them on the machine for upper hand and fiddly fingers. I don't mind seams. Gearing up for usual French hols, projects will include U-turn socks, Sakura (lace) socks, Shetland Aran jacket, sunflower filet crochet curtain.

Friday, 20 April 2018

Squaring up to warm weather!

Warmest April day since 1949. Lovely. Got pergola painted "faded green", and planted loads of new herbs in garden - stevia, samphire, fenugreek, French tarragon, a couple more thymes, pink and white hyssops. Finished green Square Socks. Very interesting shaping, weird off the foot! Plus square cushions, filled with duck feathers. Glad I didn't have to pluck the duck.