Sunday, 4 April 2010

New Crochet edging?

I was making more skoleppar (shoe inserts) and dithering over which colour to use for the simple double crochet edging. I decided to use both. Not wanting to keep twisting the yarns over each other, I thought of the Fair Isle stranding technique in knitting, where the yarns are kept apart.

Attach both colours. Keep green higher, or nearer finger tip than orange. With green, work one chain. *Hook into edge of work, pick up orange, draw through, complete stitch in orange. Hook into edge of work, over orange strand to pick up green, draw through, and complete stitch in green. Repeat from *

An unexpected bonus was that the reverse of the work (the top edge in the photo) looks rather like a braid. Sample here done in dishcloth cotton. In wool, on a smaller scale and fulled in the washing machine, the stitch definition will not be so great.

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