Friday, 29 March 2013

Will we have heat tomorrow?

Electricians finished this morning. Can't tell if the heating will actually come on until the Economy Seven kicks in overnight. Totally run out of logs due to continued snowy weather, bought small bag from Co-op and they are damp. Tomorrow is the first of two Lambing Days at Long Whatton. Bet it's cold in the tearoom with the door open. But they are always so nice to me there, that I try and put on a good spinning display. In the meantime have been knitting handwarmers like mad. Did I mention I dropped the sock machine on my foot? That was 6th March. Bruised two tows but broke the yarn carrier and damaged no fewer than 17 needles. I was trying to fix the machine to a cheap jardinière I had bought, in the hope of making a stand to take to shows. A travelling case from the States is 339 dollars basic plus a whopping 451 dollars carriage via Fedex. Local furniture man not prepared to make a one-off. The museum helped me sort the poorly machine but it has reverted to being very stiff to turn, and have to have the row counter stuck up in the air. I was asked to do more days in the Griswold Room - how could I refuse? First one will be Easter Monday - and mighty cold it is going to be in that room as well!

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