Friday, 26 June 2015

Not very flaming June

Must be the coldest on record. Fed up of it. The hols were okay-ish - went up to 34 degrees one day but lower 20's most of the time. Went to the amazing simplypermaculture place near Eymet, wil go bak again next time. My flower garden doing okay, but veg not. First courgette plant just sat there and died. I know how it felt. Following my resolve never to do heels and toes on the CSM again, but detrmined tom ake some socks, I thought I would try tubes, but with rib to bring the width in, as over-wide feet were the other problem. Made a couple of ribbed tubes on the CSM, one at 5x1, one at 3x1, changing to half stocking stitch at heel level, waste yarn knit for that half row. First pair have standard afterthought heels and toes, which do not press neatly. Second pair has Danish band heel found in Nancy Bush's Folk Socks book. I looked in my own Heels booklet and found I had no mention of a band heel at all, either the German strap heel which has a gusset, or the Danish, which doesn't. The difference is that with the latter the heel turn decreases start before the chain sides are completed, so the stitch counts ends up the same. It means grafting 84 sts, but I donlt mind that. Very different.

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