Wednesday, 2 May 2018

May or may not be Spring

Stuff still isn't growing in the garden after the few days of warmth. The stevia, fenugreek have been nibbled and the tarragon has been eaten completely. The sugarsnap peas have lost their lower leaves as well, don't know if they will survive. even new courgette in greenhouse lost half a leaf day after it sprouted! Can't be slug in there, can it? Gloves made on machine for friend M - she really loves purple! and self-indulgent ones for me with luxury silky and yak yarn, bought as a treat at the Kegworth event, gorgeous Celtic knot pattern on back. Original pattern handknit in the round, I made them flat, handknit to finish of thumb shaping then bunged them on the machine for upper hand and fiddly fingers. I don't mind seams. Gearing up for usual French hols, projects will include U-turn socks, Sakura (lace) socks, Shetland Aran jacket, sunflower filet crochet curtain.

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