Saturday, 6 May 2017

May be okay

The day after picking up the new car started with a sore throat, which developed into that blasted coughing virus again, and has lasted a full four weeks. Not much enthusiasm to do anything, and gearing up for the hols. With that in mind, and knowing we get a fair few flies over there, made a beaded milk jug cover and a string bag that is so small it is ridiculous! So then dug out my old pattern (original made in pink), but using stitch from cream bag for a black one. As using huge 6.5mm needles, found that just yo, k2tog creates large enough holes, rather than double yo. Also cast on two strands of Harris wool. 15 sts, moss st. Will create a cushion cover in my "make a strip then knit sideways" method. Noticed that Wilko's have some square cushions for just £1.50 - will see if I can torture one of these to make an oblong. Too many silly bits of work on the go at once, with sock yarn blankie no.3 int he background all the time, of course.

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