Thursday, 5 November 2009

Huggie Muggies

Daft name for a daft piece of knitting - other choices are mug cosies, cup warmer. Anyroad up, as they say round here: Machine knitted Shetland wool in Half English or Fisherman's Rib, 60 rows or thereabouts, which goes to the inside of the piece. One edge crocheted with two buttonholes. One wash in machine to full. Two buttons sewn on and voila, instant Crimble pressies. Presented with a cardboard cutout of a mug ('cos some people will think they are wristbands!) and a safety warning about not trying to fit onto a cup of scalding liquid. My favourite is the shades of grey one, with one white and one black sheep button, so I might keep that for myself. Toying with the idea of handknit ones with cables, or even skoleppar, using the points to join through mug handle.

I might embroider some more sheep, need to buy more black felt for the heads. Not my best skill.

Next challenge is the coathangers. Cannot get plain wooden ones locally without a trouser bar, although have found that Tuppy's Emporium do them mail order. Next strategy is to try and get cheap, already padded ones from charity shops or whatever. Watch this space.

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